Question: Pray That God Shows Me His Infidelity?

3 Perfect Prayers For A Cheating Husband

If you’re worried that your husband is cheating on you, read on for a list of prayers that can help you heal and mend your broken heart.

Prayers For Your Cheating Husband

If you’re looking for prayers for an unfaithful husband, keep reading because praying can help you heal as well as your husband heal from his personal issues that caused him to cheat on you.

1. Prayer Of Declaration

I believe You can persuade even an unbeliever to accept responsibility for his sins and actions, and I pray that You can persuade my spouse to end their unfaithful relationship and confess his sins, writes Nour Abubaker.

2. Prayer To Confess

I am aware that my spouse has been unfaithful to me and my marriage, and I pray that you will guide me in dealing with my broken heart and our broken marriage, and that you will assist me in healing the pain that my heart is experiencing right now.

3. Prayer To Repent

I pray that you will forgive my unfaithful spouse and grant him forgiveness so that our lives can heal and restore. I ask you to guide us through this difficult time in our lives. Lord God, please help me find happiness and help my unfaithful spouse repent his sins.


Pray that God will help you heal and restore your relationship with your husband, and that he will stop being unfaithful to you and return home to you. If you know your spouse has been unfaithful to you, you might want to pray for his repentance.

To Sum Up…

If your spouse has betrayed you or you are concerned that he or she is betraying you, you may be looking to God for guidance to help you through this healing process. Pray for God’s guidance and support during this time, or pray that your spouse repents of his or her sins.

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How do you pray after infidelity?

Show me people who can help me recover from this betrayal, such as a counselor, a clergyperson, caring friends, and family members; thank you for them; bless them for their assistance. My faithful God, I love you and look forward to experiencing your true love every day of my life. Amen.”

Can God reveal your spouse to you?

THE VOICE OF GOD; God also reveals by His voice, that is, if you are accustomed to hearing God speak to your heart, He can simply tell you the person when you meet him or her, but after the voice, there will be confirmations, through His word, concerning what He told you.

What God says about unfaithful husband?

Proverbs 6:32 But the man who commits adultery is a fool, for he destroys himself. Hebrews 13:4 Honor marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage; God will surely judge those who are immoral and commit adultery.

How do you deal with a cheating husband spiritually?

How to Deal Spiritually with a Cheating Husband

  1. 1 Allow yourself to feel whatever emotions arise. 2 Turn to God for comfort. 3 Ask your husband to explain what happened. 4 Discuss why he cheated with your husband. 5 Don’t blame yourself for what happened. 6 Talk to someone you trust about how you’re feeling.

How do you ask God for forgiveness for hurting someone?

Please forgive me for what I’ve done to you; I’m praying for forgiveness in the hopes that you will see my mistakes and understand that I didn’t mean to hurt you. I know you know I’m not perfect, and I know what I did was wrong, but I hope you will forgive me, just as you have forgiven others like me.

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How do Christians forgive infidelity?

Infidelity in a Christian Marriage: How to Survive It

  1. Seek forgiveness.
  2. Seek counseling.
  3. Be Honest About Your Hurts.
  4. Be Open to Listening and Acknowledging Wrong.
  5. Recognize Negative Relationship Patterns.
  6. Agree to Establish Healthy Relationship Patterns.

Does God show you your soulmate?

According to the Bible, there is no such thing as a “soulmate.” While there can be a soul tie or bond formed when a person is intimate with another person, the Bible does not mention a predestined relationship between two people.

How do I wait on God’s husband?

While you wait for God, here are some fun things to do.

  1. Read your Bible more. Most people find it difficult to read their Bible.
  2. Pray more. A two-minute prayer before bed will not suffice.
  3. Fast more.
  4. Go to church more.
  5. Pay your tithes.
  6. 6.Be happy alone.
  7. Learn more.
  8. Truly make God the center of your life.

What does God say about soul mates?

Christians are warned in the Bible not to “be unequally yoked with unbelievers” (2 Cor. 6:14), implying that Christians and nonbelievers will not share common goals in a relationship, especially one as close as marriage. As a result, a potential “soulmate” should never be a non-Christian.

What is God’s punishment for adultery?

Adultery between a man and a married woman is punishable by death in Leviticus 20:10: “And the man who committeth adultery with another man’s wife, even he who committeth adultery with his neighbor’s wife, the adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death.”

How do you forgive a cheating partner?

7 Ways To Forgive And Move On After A Cheating Boyfriend

  1. Ask your boyfriend to share details about the affair.
  2. Give each other enough space and time.
  3. Enlist the help of important people in your life.
  4. Ask a professional counselor or therapist for help.
  5. Learn to be patient.
  6. Make your final decision.
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How do you deal with a cheating husband that you love?

When Your Partner Is Unfaithful, Here Are 8 Tips to Help You Cope

  1. Accept Your Feelings. Shock, agitation, fear, pain, depression, and confusion are common.
  2. Take Care of Yourself.
  3. Avoid the Blame Game.
  4. Keep Your Children Out of It.

What does the Bible say about infidelity?

Infidelity is defined as being unfaithful to a spouse or sexual partner, as well as disbelief in a religion; some believe that this breach of the sexual exclusivity contract is the root of all sins. One of the Ten Commandments is u201cThou shalt not commit adulteryu201d (Exodus 20:14).

What to do to hurt a cheating husband?

Here are a few key steps you can take together to help your relationship heal.

  1. Make sure there is remorse.
  2. Be honest about why it happened.
  3. Remove temptations to re-engage in the affair.
  4. Move forward with brutal honesty and care.
  5. Be selective about who you tell.

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