Question: How Do We Know God Hears Us When We Pray?

5 Essential Reasons We Know God Hears Our Prayers

Even at its most basic level, prayer touches God, allowing us to enter into intimate fellowship with the Lord. When we pray, we also engage in spiritual warfare.
Spurgeon: “Sin is the reason our prayers go awry, and God will not respond positively.” Psalm 66:18: “If I regard iniquity in my heart, the LORD will not hear me.” James 4:3: “You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.” Praying while treasuring sin will cause the Lord to “shut His ears” from our prayers.

4. He Hears Us Because We Have Humbled Ourselves

Before God even mentions prayer, He says that we must humble ourselves. Humility, along with proper faith, lays the foundation for effective prayer; without it, we might as well be praying to ourselves, because God isn’t listening. Let us strive to enter into prayer abounding in humility.

How do you know God hears your prayers?

God Is Answering Your Prayers in 4 Ways

  • God Answers Your Prayers Through Scripture. God always speaks through His word.
  • God Answers Your Prayers Through Others.
  • God May Answer Your Prayers Audibly.

How can you make sure you hear God during your prayer time?

How do you go about practicing listening prayer?

  • Bring your request for guidance to God.
  • Wait in silence for 10-12 minutes for God to speak to you.
  • Write down any Scripture, songs, impressions, or pictures God gives you.
  • Share how God spoke to you with your prayer partners and follow God’s will.
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Does God hear every prayer?

While this may appear harsh, it is simply the truth: God does not hear every prayer that is offered to him; rather, God hears the prayers of those who put their faith in him.

Can God Heal?

u201cThere are documented cases of God healing AIDS. God can cause limbs to grow back where they’ve been chopped off,u201d Landon said during an interview at a 2016 motorcycle rally in Daytona Beach, Florida.

How does God speak to us?

God has communicated with humanity throughout history by speaking audibly to humans, by speaking to us through the glory of His creation, by speaking to us through His Holy Spirit, and by speaking to us through dreams, visions, and our thoughts.

How do you hear from God?

How to Hear from God: 6 Tips

  1. Find a regular place of service to God. In v.
  2. Listen for God’s voice.
  3. When God calls, eagerly respond.
  4. When God speaks, obey Him.

How do I know if God is talking to me?

You can instead make new choices.

  1. God’s Audible Voice.
  2. Wise Counsel.
  3. Visions and Dreams.
  4. Your Inner Knowing.
  5. Blocked Paths.
  6. Do you do your devotions or Bible study every day but consciously choose to live in direct opposition to His word?

How do we know that God is still God?

Well-meaning Christians may use this verse ( Psalm 46:10) as a consolation in times of worry and frustration, as if God is saying, “relax, I got this.”

Is it a sin to be lazy?

Laziness is a sin because it causes people to stop growing. It is refusing to obey God and doing everything for His glory, as well as missing out on relying on the Holy Spirit for rest even in the most difficult and craziest of circumstances.

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What does it mean when you cry while praying?

Why do people cry in prayer? Joseph McCloskey: The gift of tears, why do people cry when they are praying, and it really has to do with someone being so happy. Perfect love always generates the need to respond, and the perfect response to the need to respond, a gesture of a response to God’s love, is tears.

How do you talk to God?

It’s fine to pray with your eyes open and your head held high, just as it’s fine to pray kneeling and silent. It’s common to recite some traditional prayers out loud, but it’s also very common to pray silently to yourself.

How did God heal the sick?

The gospels are littered with examples of Jesus healing the sick: u201cAt sunset, all who had people sick with various diseases brought them to him, and he laid his hands on each of them and cured themu201d (Lk 4:40).

What is the most powerful healing prayer?

Loved God, I pray that you will comfort me in my suffering, strengthen the hands of my healers, and bless the methods used to cure me; give me such faith in the power of your grace that I may put my complete trust in you even when I am afraid; through our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.

Can God save everyone?

Although it is debatable, it is true that God does not always save everyone who calls on his name. In Psalm 18, King David recounts how God saved him while he was fleeing Saul and his men.

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