Often asked: Which God To Pray To In Shrine Pillars Of Eternity?

Council of Stars

The Council of Stars is a main quest in Pillars of Eternity’s third act that grants access to Breith Eaman. The experience listed is per party member and does not include other bonuses such as party size.


The Watcher is told that Thaos has destroyed the route from Teir Evron to Breith Eaman, and that the only way to get to him is to descend through the Burial Isle’s pit, where the gods are willing to trade great power for a promise to deal with the stolen souls.


Pick up the Luminescent Adra Shard from the altar on the right and place it into the pillar inside the big circle in the middle of the room. This activates four pulpits, and you can interact with each of them. After completing each quest, return to Teir Evron and pray to the god(s) who gave it to you.


The delemgan of Elms’ Reach, Su00eedha and Ru00eehenwn, told me that Thaos had destroyed the route from Teir Evron to Breith Eaman, but that the gods could grant me safe passage if I completed the task given to me in a vision. Hylea revealed a mountaintop temple beset by a terrible menace, and I agreed to use the souls to strengthen the Dyrwood in exchange for Galawain’

How do you pray at Teir Evron?

You begin at #1 on the Teir Evron map, with the Luminescent Adra Shard on the altar at #5. Once you have the Luminescent Adra Shard, click on the large crystal at #6, and the shrines in a ring around the crystal will become active, allowing you to pray to the Gods.

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What are the gods in pillars of eternity?

Pantheon is a Greek term that refers to

  • Abydon: Patron of the Knights of the Crucible and God of Crafting and Forging.
  • Berath: God of Cycles, Doors, and Death.
  • Eothas: God of Light and Redemption.
  • Galawain: God of the Hunt in All Its Forms.
  • Hylea: Goddess of the Sky.
  • Magran: Goddess of Fire and War.
  • Ondra: Goddess of Water and the Moon.

Who is Berath?

Berath is the god of death, doors, and the wheel of reincarnation itself, and is often depicted as a genderless deity or a twinned male and female incarnation. Berath’s priests are expected to be rational and emotionless, treating death with a dispassionate dignity.

What happened Thaos soul?

Finally, Thaos and his greatest Inquisitor met in the place where it all began, where Thaos created gods, in a confrontation that ended with his current incarnation’s death and his soul at the mercy of the Watcher.

How many Pillars of Eternity endings are there?

There are three main endings, a deadfire ending, and individual character endings that are still being discovered, all of which are shown to the player via slides that the narrator reads out loud, along with images that help her tell the story.

Will there be Pillars of Eternity 3?

According to the series director, Pillars of Eternity 3 will only happen if Obsidian is enthusiastic about making it.

Why did Eothas invade Dyrwood?

Durance speculates that Eothas may have only invaded the dyrwood to prevent Woedica from usurping the god’s throne, thereby averting the Hollow Born crisis and possibly vindicating his manifestation as a symbol of his ideals.

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What should I do with Maerwald soul?

After you’ve defeated Maerwald, you’ll be given three options for what to do with his soul.

  1. You can release his soul, which gives your newly acquired stronghold a permanent bonus of 2 prestige.
  2. You can bind him to the keep as a warden, which gives you 2 security.

Who are the dozens pillars of eternity?

Members of the group

  • Giantslayers.
  • Wenan.
  • Aefre.
  • Osric.

How do you beat Thaos?

How do you get rid of Thaos?

  1. U201cIt was time you were granted peace.u201d
  2. Banish his soul to Breith Eaman.
  3. Destroy all of the memories.
  4. Tear his soul apart. u201cYou do not deserve to exist.u201d

What happened to the souls Pillars of Eternity?

When a person dies, their soul travels to the In-Between, a shadow world where souls wander after death, where they use pillars of adra to travel to The Beyond, the realm of the gods, before being reincarnated back into the world.

Do choices matter in Pillars of Eternity?

Helping one faction in the city of Defiance Bay closes off interactions and quests with another in Pillars of Eternity, so your choices matter.

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