FAQ: How To Use A Name Of God While You Pray?

Using the Names of God and Jesus to Help You Pray with Power

I don’t believe the world has ever felt the need to pray as much as we do now; our governing authorities, from local and state governments to federal lawmakers, all require prayer; Satan does not want us to pray; however, I’m here to tell you not to give up.

Find New Ways to Pray

Start praying the Hebrew names of God and Jesus if your prayer life needs a boost. Names are important to us and to God; if it blesses us for people to know our names, wouldn’t it bless God as well?

The Promises of Praying God’s Name

“u2026.Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you,” Jeremiah prophesied. What does it mean to “call upon” God? It’s more than saying, “Help!” or “Hey, you!”

God has many names.

Something stirs within me when I begin my petitions to my EL Roi, The God Who Sees Me, or to Abba, my heavenly Daddy, and God responds, “I AM.” This name signifies the One who encompasses all things and can do all things.

Praying The Names of God Book

We’re studying the names of God and Jesus this month, and one of my favorite books is Ann Spangler’s Praying the Names of God. Leave a comment to enter!

The Battle Belongs to the Lord, but . . . 

We give the enemy the upper hand when we become oblivious to the destruction ravaging our country’s and the world’s moral framework. Gideon was oppressed and hopeless, threshing wheat in a winepress with no wind to blow away the chaff.

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This month, I’ll be using Zoom to connect with ladies who want to meet me; simply leave a comment below if you’d like the Zoom link; if you’re not a fan of Zoom, you can find the videos on my YouTube channel.


I know a lot of people who need to call on their God’s specific names and attributes, such as healer, provider, peacemaker, creator, Almighty strength, and my personal favorite, El Roi. Why wouldn’t God appreciate it if we called His name? We’re made in His image, after all.

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How can I connect with God through prayer?

So, be responsive and respectful in your communication with Him. Set aside some quiet time to listen to God. Meditate in silence for some time to listen to God. Be prepared to have a conversation with Jesus.

How do you call God?

Although the personal names Yahweh and Jehovah are sometimes used in the Protestant tradition of Christianity, the Hebrew theonyms Elohim and YHWH are mostly translated as “God” and “the LORD,” respectively.

What are the 21 names of God?

YHWH-Rohi, The Lord is my Shepherd. Table of Contents for God’s Names u2014 Each of God’s Names, Meanings, and Pronunciation.

  • El (the Strong One)
  • Jehovah-Mekaddishkem (Jehovah Mekaddishkem)
  • El Elohe Yisrael.
  • Jehovah-Nissi (Jehovah Nissi)
  • El Elyon.
  • Jehovah-Rapha.

What are the 15 names of God?

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  • El Shaddai (Lord God Almighty)
  • El Elyon (The Most High God)
  • Adonai (Lord, Master)
  • Yahweh (Lord, Jehovah)
  • Jehovah Nissi (The Lord My Banner)
  • Jehovah Raah (The Lord My Shepherd)
  • Jehovah Rapha (The Lord That Heals)
  • Jehovah Shammah (The Lord That Heals)
  • Jehovah Shammah (
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How do I communicate with God?

God speaks to us through His word and the Holy Spirit in us, who helps us understand and apply His word to our lives. It is through prayer that we communicate back to God, who created us and saved us through Christ because he desires to be in a relationship with us.

What is God’s phone number?

God’s phone number ( 776-2323, no area code ) appears on the pager of the Carrey character in the 2003 Jim Carrey comedy “Bruce Almighty,” so moviegoers naturally dialed it and asked to speak with God.

What is God’s number?

The graph diameter of Rubik’s graph, which is the minimum number of turns required to solve a Rubik’s cube from any starting position (i.e., in the worst case), is sometimes referred to as “God’s number.”

What is God’s favorite color?

God’s favorite color is blue.

What is God’s real name?

Yahweh is the biblical name for the God of the Israelites, representing the biblical pronunciation of “YHWH,” the Hebrew name revealed to Moses in the book of Exodus, which is composed of the consonants Yod, Heh, Waw, and Heh.

What are the 7 names of God and their meaning?

The Tetragrammaton, El, Elohim, Eloah, Elohai, El Shaddai, and Tzevaot are the seven names of God that, once written, cannot be erased due to their holiness; all other names, such as “Merciful,” “Gracious,” and “Faithful,” merely represent attributes that are also common to human beings.

What are the 12 names of God?

What are God’s twelve names?

  • ELOHIM My Creator.
  • JEHOVAH My Lord God.
  • EL SHADDAI My Supplier.
  • ADONAI My Master.
  • JEHOVAH JIREH My Provider.
  • JEHOVAH ROPHE My Healer.
  • JEHOVAH NISSI My Banner.
  • JEHOVAH MAKADESH My Sanctifier.
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What are the 30 names of God?

God’s 30 Names

  • God (El) -,
  • God (Elohim) -,
  • Almighty (Shadai, Pantokrator) -,
  • Most High (Elyon) -,
  • Lord (Adonai) -, o
  • Master (Despotes) –

What are the 9 attributes of God?

There are a total of nine terms in this set.

  • God is unique. There is no other God like Yahweh.
  • God is infinite and omnipotent. God is everywhere, unlimited, and all-powerful.
  • God is eternal. God has always been and always will be.
  • God is vast.
  • God is immutable.
  • God is utterly simple-a pure spirit.

What is the highest name of God?

Yahweh is the primary name by which God reveals himself in the Old Testament, and it is God’s most sacred, distinct, and incomprehensible name.

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