Rig Veda Mantras?

How many mantras are there in Rig Veda?

10552 Mantras

What does Rig Veda talks about?

Rig Veda mainly contains various hymns for praying to Vedic Gods such as Agni (Fire God), Indra (The lord of Heavens), Mitra, Varuna (Water God), Surya (Sun God) etc. These hymns are called Riks. Hence the Veda is called Rik-Veda or RigVeda. This writing consists of 10 writings.

What are Vedic mantras?

Mantras, or sacred sounds, are used to pierce through sensual, mental and intellectual levels of existence (all lower strata of consciousness) for the purpose of purification and spiritual enlightenment.

Who wrote Rig Veda?

Ved Vyasa