Readers ask: When You Pray You Must Know That God Is Alive?

When You Can’t Feel God

Many of the greatest saints have walked through valleys with no sense of God’s presence, almost going deaf from the heavenly silence. C. S. Lewis wrote that during one of the most painful times of his life, he cried out to God and got a door slammed in [his] face.

An Ancient, Recurring Story

“If the Lord is truly with usu2026 where are all His wonderful deeds?” said Gideon to an angelic messenger just before God used him to destroy an entire Midianite army.

White Space

David went from being anointed to “man after God’s own heart” to “field hand shoveling sheep dung.” In between sheep-care and crackers-and-cheese runs for his brothers, David encountered Goliath. White spaces are typically the most difficult parts of life to endure. After Mary became pregnant with the Messiah, God waited several months to tell her fiancu00e9 Joseph.

Your Turn

Have you ever felt distant from God, no matter how much you pray or seek His presence? Are there times when you simply don’t feel God’s presence? Meditate on God’s promises, which are infinitely stronger than feelings and emotions. We have a relationship with a loving and faithful God!

How do I start living for God?

What it Means to Live for Jesus

  1. Spend time praying each day.
  2. Serve others.
  3. Study the Bible.
  4. Share God’s word with others.
  5. Resist temptation.
  6. Put God first.
  7. Don’t place too much value on material things.

What does the Bible say about knowing God’s will?

“Through all spiritual wisdom and understanding,” says verse 9, “a believer can discover and implement God’s will.” Knowing God’s will is a matter of gaining spiritual wisdom and understanding from God himself — the only source.

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How do you know what is God will for your life?

Taking time each day to devote yourself to the Lord and the plans He has for your life is one way to know that you are following God’s plan for your life. If you give each area of your life to God, He will bless it and be able to work through it abundantly.

How do I know God is answering my prayers?

How Will I Know If My Prayer Has Been Answered?

  • If you fall, He’ll catch you. If He wants you to go a certain way, He’ll open a door for you. If God doesn’t want you to go that way, you’ll meet a closed door.

Does God want us to enjoy life?

God wants us to enjoy people, the fruits of our labor, peace, favor, food and drink, safety, and even wealth and honor, and he never says that these things are out of our reach or that we shouldn’t have them.

How can I hear God’s voice?

How do you go about practicing listening prayer?

  1. Bring your request for guidance to God.
  2. Wait in silence for 10-12 minutes for God to speak to you.
  3. Write down any Scripture, songs, impressions, or pictures God gives you.
  4. Share how God spoke to you with your prayer partners and follow God’s will.

What is God’s real name?

Yahweh is the biblical name for the God of the Israelites, representing the biblical pronunciation of “YHWH,” the Hebrew name revealed to Moses in the book of Exodus, which is composed of the consonants Yod, Heh, Waw, and Heh.

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How do you know when God is telling you something?

3 Indicators That God Is Trying To Communicate With You

  1. Repetitive Messages. Repetition is one of the most obvious ways God tries to get your attention.
  2. Friendly Fire. Another obvious way God tries to get your attention is through your friends.

What is God’s perfect will?

The perfect will of God is God’s divine plan for your life, including who you should marry, what career or ministry you should pursue, and so on. It requires patience and trust, because God wants to give you His best, which includes all of His blessings, not the second best.

Who will enter heaven?

Although Jesus states in Matthew 7:21-23 that “not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of Heaven,” there are those who teach salvation by “faith alone,” implying that if one believes, one will be saved.

What is God’s purpose for me?

Psalm 57:2 says, “I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me.” This is crucial in understanding God’s purpose for your life. God has numbered your days and will fulfill every purpose He has for you.

What is God’s will for humanity?

The concept of a God having a will (i.e. particular desire) for humanity is known as the will of God or divine will. Ascribing a volition or a plan to a God generally implies a personal God (God regarded as a person with mind, emotions, and will), and it is frequently confused with God’s plan.

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Can God hear my prayers?

We are taught in the scriptures that if we address God with faith and real intent, He will always hear our prayers and will answer them; in our hearts, we will feel the confirmation that He does hear us, a sense of peace and calm; and we will also feel that everything will be fine if we follow the Father’s will.

Does prayer really change things?

Though our prayers do not change God’s mind, He uses prayer to carry out His will, and we can be confident that prayer changes thingsu2014including our own hearts. R.C. Sproul argues that prayer is an important part of the Christian life and encourages us to come to God’s presence with joy and hope.

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