Readers ask: Let Us Pray And Let God Worry Luther?

Pray and Let God Worry: The Context

One of Martin Luther’s most famous quotes is “Pray and Let God Worry,” which is cited in Eric Gritsch’s book “The Wit of Martin Luther” as Letter of February 10, 1546, WABr 7, 307:11-14.

Did Martin Luther say Pray and let God worry?

Martin Luther is credited with the aphorism “Pray and Let God Worry.” (2) He wrote it in a sermon outline on the lilies of the field verses in Matthew’s Gospel.

Who said Pray and let God worry?

Martin Luther once said, “Pray, and God will take care of the rest.”

How many hours a day did Luther pray?

A monk’s life revolved around Mass and God’s worship, with communal prayers lasting about five hours per day and private prayer and contemplation lasting up to four hours.

Did Martin Luther King pray?

Throughout his life, the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. turned to prayer for spiritual fulfillment as well as to inspire and reaffirm a quest for peace and social justice by delivering prayers to the public. u201cThou, Dear Godu201d is Dr. King’s first and only collection of prayers.

What did Martin Luther say about prayer?

Instead of u201cstraightaway despairing of your reason and understanding,u201d Luther advised, u201ckneel down… and pray to God with real humility and earnestness, that he may give you his Holy Spirit, who will enlighten you, lead you, and give you understandingu201d through his dear Son.

Who said I have so much to do today I must pray?

u201cI have so much to do that I will spend the first three hours in prayer,u201d said Martin Luther.

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