Often asked: Why Is Pray Good And Please God?

9 Benefits of Pleasing God

Pleasing God is about self-sacrifice; it’s about choosing to walk in the Lord’s ways even when you feel left out. In this post, we’ll look at what it means to please God, how to do it, and the benefits of doing so.

What does it Mean to Please the Lord?

We must be intentional about pleasing God, as Jesus stated that He will tell some people at the end of time, “I never knew you.” What we do and say will mean nothing if our hearts are not set on God.

• Be Spiritually Minded

Spiritually minded people are focused on God’s things, and their goal in life is to please their Heavenly Father. The words written in the Bible are spirit and life, and our minds are transformed when we study and meditate on them.

• Obey God

In this world, it is difficult to remain obedient to God, especially when evil is preferred over good; most of us find it easy to trust God in some areas of our lives, but not all; however, God does not want you to trust Him only when it is convenient for you.

• Worship God

Worship pleases God and is an excellent weapon for defeating the enemy because it causes God to fight on our behalf and cause us to walk in victory. Worship also opens doors for supernatural breakthroughs in our lives.

Have Faith in God

Start by acknowledging that your Heavenly Father exists; God loves you so much that He gave up His only Son to die on the Cross for you; believe that God will fulfill His promises in your life, and that we will be united with Him when the time is right.

1. You will Have Peace from God

Following God’s path provides peace that the world cannot provide; we do not have to live our lives in the same way that unbelievers do; yes, we will have fear in our hearts, especially during difficult times, but the peace of God will reign supreme.

2. You will Have the Protection of God

Daniel was willing to give his life for his faith in Yahweh, and God protects us when we stand firm in our faith. Do not succumb to the enemy’s lies; instead, seek protection from God by pleasing Him in all your ways.

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3. You will Have an Eternal Life

Everyone who believes in Christ has eternal life, according to John 3:15, and when we walk by faith and please our Heavenly Father, He deposits the Holy Spirit as a guarantee of our faith. Remember, your current suffering is not in vain; God will reward you at the end of time.

4. God will Give you Victory

Could it be that you’re not pleasing God in certain areas of your life? The enemy takes advantage of our weaknesses and sin to steal from us. If you’re struggling with sin in any area of your life, turn to God and ask for His help.

5. You will Live a Long Life

We have lost many people in the last year as a result of the “pandemic,” which God warned me about through dreams and visions. There is no virus or medical fact that can prevent God from giving us long lives, as He did for King Hezekiah in 2 Kings 20:1-11.

6. You will Bear Fruit in Every Good Work

Do you believe that God can use you in great and mighty ways for His Kingdom? God brought you into this world for a reason, and when you choose to walk in His ways and please Him, He will cause you to bear fruit in every good work.

7. God will Favor you

When we choose to disobey God and disregard His ways, we prevent Him from showing us His favor. When the Lord’s favor is upon you, you will be able to qualify for things you wouldn’t necessarily qualify for according to world standards, and God will make you soar with wings like an eagle in places your human qualifications would never take you.

8. God will Grant you the Desires of your Heart

When we walk diligently in God’s ways, we please Him, and He, in turn, grants us our heart’s desires.

 9. God will Establish your Steps

We need God to establish our steps until the day of Christ, and for Him to do so, we must walk in ways that are pleasing to Him. When we choose to praise God in such times, He establishes our steps and enables us to endure through it all. We need God to establish our steps until the day of Christ, and for Him to do so, we must walk in ways that are pleasing to Him.

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My Final Thoughts

The best way to know what pleases God is to spend time in His word. When you walk in ways that are pleasing to God, you will enjoy eternal life, peace, and God’s favor.

Why is praying to God good?

Faster spiritual growth The most important benefit, according to the article, is that praying strengthens your spirit and relationship with God. u201cTime spent in quiet reflection and listening builds inner strength that will get you through life’s toughest times,u201d it says.

Is God pleased when we pray?

When you pray, God listens, and he is delighted to hear your prayers, just as a grandfather is delighted when his grandchild climbs into his lap.

Why is it important to pray?

Prayer is your conversation with God; it’s how you can build a personal, meaningful relationship with the God of the universe who loves you; it’s how he can work miracles in your heart; and it’s how he can align your life with his vision and plans through prayer.

What are the 4 types of prayer?

u201cPrayer is the raising of the mind and heart to God or the requesting of good things from God,u201d writes John Damascene. This definition encompasses the four main types of prayer: adoration, contrition, thanksgiving, and supplication.

Does God command us to pray?

u201cThen Jesus told his disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up.u201d As you can see, the Bible commands us to pray and tells us what it accomplishes, so take advantage of this wonderful gift known as prayer.

What makes God happy?

Spending time in God’s presence u2014 listening for his voice, thanking and praising him, or reading and contemplating his Word u2014 and how you respond to his answers to your prayers are all ways to make God happy.

How can I have faith in God?

Make time to talk to Jesus every day.

  1. You can read devotionals, study your Bible, pray, write in a journal, or do anything else that makes you feel close to Jesus during your quiet time.
  2. Praise Jesus for his goodness and ask him to strengthen your faith when you’re praying.
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How can I please Holy Spirit?

10 Ways to Make Your Relationship with the Holy Spirit More Powerful

  1. Know who you are.
  2. Every morning, meditate on the Father’s love.
  3. Have a conversation with the Holy Spirit.
  4. Notice the Holy Spirit’s whispers and nudges.
  5. Remember how the Holy Spirit nudged and spoke in the past.

Why is prayer so powerful?

Prayer is a powerful weapon available to anyone who loves God and knows His son Jesus Christ. Prayer energizes a believer’s heart through the power of the Holy Spirit, and consistent prayer releases the power of God’s blessing on your life and circumstances.

Why do we need to pray if God knows everything?

We acknowledge our reliance on the Lord and his grace and mercy when we pray. God doesn’t need your prayers because He knows exactly what you need before you even ask, but we desperately need Him in our lives, so our prayers are a proactive act of faith on our part.

How does prayer affect your life?

Prayers are an essential part of our daily lives; they enable us to be courageous, brave, and patient in the face of adversity, and to be grateful for our blessings; they keep us close to Allah Almighty and keep us going.

What is the correct way to pray to God?

Learn to Pray in Four Simple Steps

  • Step 1: Address Heavenly Father.
  • Step 2: Thank Heavenly Father.
  • Step 3: Ask Heavenly Father.
  • Step 4: Close in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  • Praying in a Group.
  • Pray Always, With Sincerity, and Faith in Christ.

What is the main prayer?

Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

How does Jesus say we should pray?

u201cDo not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in synagogues and on street corners to be seen by men… but when you pray, go into your room, close the door, and pray to your father who is unseen,u201d Jesus taught.

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