New Moon Mantras?

What do I need for a new moon ritual?

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  • Set a worthwhile intention. Every month, the moon delivers us an extra boost of intention-setting energy.
  • Light a candle. Or bring some light into your life in some other way.
  • Begin something new.
  • Go on a first date.
  • Make a list.
  • Create a sacred space.
  • Make your own ritual.

How do you pray to a new moon?

New Moon Prayer #2

Under this New Moon, I am grateful for a new beginning. I ask Luna and the Divine to help aid the spirit of my light. Please help to guide my spirit to be my best ability. I am certain that I hold in my heart that I will get there.

Should you sage on a new moon?

Cleansing the area is important to ready it for the new moon ritual. You can do this one of two ways. One way is by smudging the location – sage is ideal as it’s associated with the moon. To smudge the area, simply light the end of the sage stick and blow on it until there is a visible smoldering glow.

What is astronomical new moon?

The astronomical new moon, sometimes known as the dark moon to avoid confusion, occurs by definition at the moment of conjunction in ecliptical longitude with the Sun, when the Moon is invisible from the Earth.