Mother Kali Mantras?

What is Kali mantra?

Maha kali Mantra – The Fiercely Protection.

As a human being, we all have some hidden fear lingering in our minds regarding different situations in our lives.

It may be due to fear from hidden enemies, fear of untoward situations, fear of occults and psychic attacks.

How can I please mother in Kali?

there is only one way to please the godess Kali.

  • True devotion to her…. First do that, then your call will come.
  • Follow your purpose in life. She will show you the way.
  • Remember. She is very kind and generous.
  • people may get offended by this but NO… she is not for everyone…

How many times chant Kali mantra?

Goddess Bhadrakali is my tutelary deity (Kula Devi) and I am chanting the mantra “Aum Shree Kalika Devyai Namah” 108 times.

Can we keep Kali photo at home?

Absolutely You should keep these godess but remember u should not keep Vamarga or Shamsan Kali (Kali idol or picture where she places left foot over Shivas chest ) instead Dakshina Kali or Mahakali could be installed as Shamsan Kali is generally worshipped by Tantric and at places like graveyards .