Was Krishna Born Of A Virgin?

However, there is nothing in Hindu scriptures to suggest that it was a “virgin” birth.

By the time of conception and birth of Krishna, Devaki was married to Vasudeva and had already borne seven children.

Which religions believe in the Virgin Birth?

Virgin Birth, doctrine of traditional Christianity that Jesus Christ had no natural father but was conceived by Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit. The doctrine that Mary was the sole natural parent of Jesus is based on the infancy narratives contained in the Gospel accounts of Matthew and Luke.

Has a virgin birth ever happened?

Virgin birth in other animals

But virgin birth is possible, if you’re a reptile or a fish. For instance, pythons and Komodo dragon females that were long isolated were found to produce young that had only genes from the mother.

Where did the virgin birth originate?

In the entire Christian corpus the virgin birth is found only in the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Luke: both are probably from the period AD 80-100, both are anonymous (the attributions to Matthew and Luke were added in the 2nd century), and it is almost certain that neither was the work of an eyewitness.

What is divine birth?

The Divine Birth Cycle in Egyptian art

This Cycle of Divine Birth shows the creator-god Amun-Ra taking the form of a human man to impregnate the woman chosen to give birth to the future king: she is the human vessel within which the purely divine seed of the creator can grow.

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