Quick Answer: When You Pray To Move But God Doesnt Open Door?

When God Doesn’t Open A Door * Kelly Minter

When deciding where God is leading me, I frequently look for the “open door,” or the specific answer to prayer, the “thus sayeth the Lord” moment. Esther’s life was on the line because she didn’t approach the king until he summoned her.

Is a closed door really a closed door?

Esther and Mordecai fasted and prayed for three days before approaching the king, and I’m sure those three days included many prayers for the king to summon Esther.

When do you knock on a closed door?

On the third day, there was nothing but silence and no open door, so Esther did what we all have to do: she dressed for the day and stood in the king’s palace courtyard.

When we knock and God opens

Esther’s faith was not founded on God opening a miraculous door ahead of time, nor on a supernatural dream or prophecy; rather, it was founded on knowing God’s revealed will for her people. Esther didn’t have a guarantee on her life, but she could step out on history.

What does it mean when God shuts a door?

When God closes a door, it simply means that God is telling you not to go in that direction, that God is warning you that the next step you’re about to take will lead you to trouble. God frequently places blocks and barriers in our way.

How do you know when God opens a door?

The Bible provides some guidelines for determining whether an “open door” or opportunity is truly from God:

  1. The Door God Opens Will Never Be in Opposition to His Word.
  2. The Door God Opens Will Be Accompanied by Confirmation.
  3. The Door God Opens Will Require You to Rely on Him.
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What happens when God opens doors?

We may not understand what God is doing at times, but if we are willing to do His will, we must walk by faith, not by sight. God’s timing is perfect, and when He opens a door, He is providing a path to accomplish His purpose in your life.

When God closes a door when he opens another?

When God Closes One Door (He Opens Another!) When God closes one door, he opens another, unless you’re me, in which case he shuts all the doors, bars all the windows, and sets the house on fire.

What do doors mean spiritually?

Transitions: A door or doorway represents the transition and passageway from one place to another, and is frequently used to symbolize the passage from one world to another in religion, mythology, and literature.

What are signs of God?

Here are four of God’s most common signs:

  • God frequently uses nature to communicate with his people.
  • Sends someone else. Another common sign that God sends is through a messenger.
  • Dreams. We must be very careful with this one.

Does God have a open door policy?

That is when God established his “open door policy.” We know that only the high priest could enter the Holiest of Holies once a year to offer the sacrifice to atone for the people’s sins. Jesus is the way to the Father, as He said in John 10:9, “If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved.”

How does God reveal your enemies?

u201cThrough You, we will crush our foes; through Your name, we will crush those who rise up against us; but when God reveals your hidden enemies, trust and believe that no matter what they try to do to harm you, God will intervene with that Divine Interception.

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How do you know if God is trying to tell you something?

3 Indicators That God Is Trying To Communicate With You

  1. Repetitive Messages. Repetition is one of the most obvious ways God tries to get your attention.
  2. Friendly Fire. Another obvious way God tries to get your attention is through your friends.

How do you know when God is punishing you?

Because you’re a normal human being in a broken world, you’re experiencing difficult losses, painful emotions, terrible situations, depression, and loneliness. Your feelings are normal, but they’re not accurate; you think God is punishing you, but that’s just how you feel. God loves you and is watching over you.

Why is God telling me to move?

God may be telling you to relocate because He foresees a disaster; it may not be a major disaster, such as the destruction of an entire city, but God may be trying to save you from an abusive partner or a failing business. When God says move, move and don’t look back.

How do you remain faithful to God during difficult times?

How to Maintain Your Faith in the Face of Adversity

  • Pray to God, the universe, or whatever higher power you believe in for the strength to love to your full potential.
  • Be generous to others.
  • Get inspired.
  • Surround yourself with people you admire.

When the time is right I the Lord will make it?

“When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen,” says Isaiah 60:22.

What does the Bible say about knocking on the door?

7 Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you: 8 For everyone who asks receives; and everyone who seeks will find; and everyone who knocks will be opened.

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