Quick Answer: God Speaking To Your Heart When You Pray?

6 Clear Signs God Is Speaking To You (And You’re Missing It)

You’ve been asking God for help and believe you’re not getting a response, but you’re most likely missing what He’s saying to you right now. Here are six signs God is speaking to you, so you can start hearing him more clearly.

Two Questions Before Considering Signs God Is Speaking To You

Psalm 66:17-19 (CSB). For more on how to know that God always hears your prayers, read this post. Blessed be God! He has not turned away my prayer or his faithful love from me. The promise is all over the Bible.

6 Biblical Signs God Is Speaking To You

Why aren’t you hearing from God? He speaks to you in a variety of ways that you might overlook, and each sign is backed up by Scripture, which is timeless because it is God’s word, which never expires.

1. Sign God Is Speaking To You — His Word

Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful in some way; when the same verses or themes keep coming up, it’s a sign that God is speaking to you. We are put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for us through the Word.

2. Sign God Is Speaking To You — Audibly

On the Damascus road, Jesus spoke directly to Saul, saying, “Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?” “Who are you, Lord?” he asked. “I am Jesus, the one you are persecuting,” he replied.

3. Sign God Is Speaking To You — Other People

The presence of wise counsel from others is one of the signs that God is speaking to you. For example, Moses’ father-in-law gave Moses advice: “What you’re doing is not good,” he said, “Now listen to me; I will give you some advice.”

Double Check Godly Counsel

Because many false prophets have gone out into the world, test the spirits to see if they are from God; just make sure the wise counsel you receive is also godly counsel, which you can do by reading your Bible and knowing God’s word for yourself.

4. Sign God Is Speaking To You — Visions And Dreams

God speaks to people through visions and dreams all throughout the Bible; for example, He warned the Three Magi in a dream, and the entire book of Revelation is a vision that God shared with the entire world through the apostle John.

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5. Sign God Is Speaking To You — An Inner Knowing

The Holy Spirit is always with you if you’re a born again believer, and if you’ll tune your ears and listen to Him, He’ll faithfully nudge you in the right direction. If your gut doesn’t line up with what God says, it’s not Him; it’s all you.

6. Sign God Is Speaking To You — Clear Or Blocked Paths

Because the Holy Spirit had prevented Paul and Silas from preaching, they traveled through Phrygia and Galatia. When God wants you to go somewhere, He’ll open an unexpected window for you to climb through.

Are You Ignoring Signs God Is Speaking To You?

For years, there were signs of God speaking to me all over the place, and I stubbornly ignored them all to my detriment. Instead, you can make new decisions.

1. God’s Word

If that’s the case, you’re missing an obvious sign that God is speaking to you through your daily devotions and Bible study in ways that only he can.

2. God’s Audible Voice

Do you believe God can speak to you audibly? If you don’t, you’d have to be spiritually blind, deaf, and dumb to miss Him if He does.

3. Wise Counsel

Are you the type of person who dismisses God’s advice because it contradicts what you want to do? If so, you’re missing a clear sign that God is speaking to you and should pay more attention to your innermost feelings.

4. Visions & Dreams

You’re likely to do this when the vision He gives you isn’t the big, important one, but listen to the voice of experience and wisdom. Zechariah 4:10a (NLT). Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin.

5. Your Inner Knowing

God may be telling you that something in your life needs to be fixed, but you reject it because you’re afraid of change, or you simply don’t want to give up your comfort because it means giving up your ability to live your life the way you want.

6. Blocked Paths

Are you tenaciously pursuing something that God has blocked? Congratulations on your perseverance in pursuing what you want, but you won’t find the joy and fulfillment you expect there. Not when you’re pursuing what God doesn’t want for you.

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How To Hear When God Is Trying To Speak To You

This week, we look at how you can become more in tune with God and His voice through your daily interactions with Him in the Daily Discussion, which is a weekly Newsquiz where we test our knowledge of what God is trying to tell us.

How do you know when God is speaking to your heart?

God will try to communicate with us through thoughts, feelings, or other means. When we are worried, stressed, or afraid, we can pray to God and ask him to help us know what to do. He can calm us and send peace. When God speaks, we will feel it in our hearts and minds.

How do you know when God is talking to you?

You can instead make new choices.

  1. God’s Audible Voice.
  2. Wise Counsel.
  3. Visions and Dreams.
  4. Your Inner Knowing.
  5. Blocked Paths.
  6. Do you do your devotions or Bible study every day but consciously choose to live in direct opposition to His word?

What are signs that God is listening to your prayers?

God Is Answering Your Prayers in 4 Ways

  • God Answers Your Prayers Through Scripture. God always speaks through His word.
  • God Answers Your Prayers Through Others.
  • God May Answer Your Prayers Audibly.

How does God speak to us when we pray?

Philippians 4:6-7 u2013 u201cDo not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God, and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.u201d

How do you know when God is punishing you?

Because you’re a normal human being in a broken world, you’re experiencing difficult losses, painful emotions, terrible situations, depression, and loneliness. Your feelings are normal, but they’re not accurate; you think God is punishing you, but that’s just how you feel. God loves you and is watching over you.

How do you hear from God?

How to Hear from God: 6 Tips

  1. Find a regular place of service to God. In v.
  2. Listen for God’s voice.
  3. When God calls, eagerly respond.
  4. When God speaks, obey Him.

What are the 7 signs of the Holy Spirit?

Wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of the Lord are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, which some Christians accept as a definitive list of specific attributes, while others see them as examples of the Holy Spirit’s work through the faithful.

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Does God want us to enjoy life?

God wants us to enjoy people, the fruits of our labor, peace, favor, food and drink, safety, and even wealth and honor, and he never says that these things are out of our reach or that we shouldn’t have them.

How does God give confirmation?

Whatever God tells or shows us to do, He will always provide us with a word from His Word to stand on or act on, and He will confirm it to us–often through repetition.

Can God hear my prayers?

We are taught in the scriptures that if we address God with faith and real intent, He will always hear our prayers and will answer them; in our hearts, we will feel the confirmation that He does hear us, a sense of peace and calm; and we will also feel that everything will be fine if we follow the Father’s will.

Does prayer really change things?

Though our prayers do not change God’s mind, He uses prayer to carry out His will, and we can be confident that prayer changes thingsu2014including our own hearts. R.C. Sproul argues that prayer is an important part of the Christian life and encourages us to come to God’s presence with joy and hope.

Can God speak to us through dreams?

This is partly because God communicates with us in a variety of ways: through another person, an image, a phrase, a feeling, or even a dream. Even if you don’t believe your dreams are significant, they often leave lingering feelings in your heart, which you should not ignore.

How can I talk to God and hear him?

What Is The Best Way To Hear God’s Voice?

  1. Humble yourself and get down on your knees.
  2. Pray for God to reveal Himself to you in a way that can’t be missed.
  3. Use my “Prayer To Hear God’s Voice” below.
  4. Ask God to speak to you, in the name of Jesus.

How do I connect with God spiritually?

Without going to church, here are 9 ways to be spiritual and connect with God:

  1. Slow down.
  2. Meditate or pray.
  3. Enjoy the outdoors.
  4. Stay open to finding God within yourself.
  5. Look for God in each person you meet.
  6. Stay open to experiencing the Spirit in unexpected places.

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