Often asked: God/goddess To Pray For Death Of Nature?

List of nature deities

A nature deity, such as a water deity, vegetation deity, sky deity, or solar deity, is a deity who is in charge of natural forces and is accepted in pantheism, deism, polytheism, animism, totemism, shamanism, and paganism. The deity embodies natural forces and can have various characteristics.

African mythology

Unsondo, Zulu, god of the sky, sun, thunder, earthquake, earthquake, and lightning. Osanyin, Yorub orishas, patron of herbs and healing. Oshosi, Yoruebunde, patron of the forest and of hunting.

Egyptian mythology

Geb, Egyptian god of the earth, with Nut, the sky goddess, as his consort; he is the father of Osiris, Isis, Set, Nephthys, and in some cases, Horus. Ash, god of the western Nile Delta’s oasis and vineyards.

Aztec mythology

Xochiquetzal, goddess of fertility, beauty, and young mothers’ protection, as well as pregnancy, childbirth, vegetation, flowers, and women’s crafts.

Native American mythology

Asintmah was an Athabaskan goddess of nature and the first woman to walk the earth.


Baron Samedi, who is associated with trees, plants, and herbs, and L’inglesou, who lives in the wild areas of Haiti and kills anyone who offends him, are two of Haiti’s ancient loa (spiritual traditions). Loco, a loa associated with healers and plants, especially trees, is one of the most common in Haiti.

Who is the Greek goddess of nature?

Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the twin sister of Apollo, and the goddess of wild animals, the hunt, and vegetation, as well as chastity and childbirth; she was identified by the Romans as Diana. Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and the goddess of chastity and childbirth.

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Who is the goddess of natural disasters?

Guabancex, the top Tano storm goddess; the Lady of the Winds, who also brings earthquakes and other natural disasters; and Guatauva, the Tano god of thunder and lightning, who also brings the other storm gods together.

Who is the goddess of death?

Hel was one of the children of the trickster god Loki, and her kingdom was said to lie downward and northward in Norse mythology. Hel was originally the name of the world of the dead; it later came to mean the goddess of death. Hel was one of the children of the trickster god Loki, and her kingdom was said to lie downward and northward in Norse mythology.

Is there a goddess of nature?

Gaia is the goddess of the earth and the embodiment of it.

Who was the ugliest god?

Hephaestus was the Greek god of fire, blacksmiths, craftsmen, and volcanoes, who lived in his own palace on Mount Olympus and crafted tools for the other gods. He was known as a kind and hardworking god, but he also had a limp and was thought to be unattractive by the other gods.

Is there a goddess of Dreams?

Morpheus was the god of dreams, and he and his brothers were known as Oneiroi (Dreams). He was the son of Hypnos (God of Sleep) and Pasithea (Goddess of relaxation and rest), and he was the son of Hypnos (God of Sleep) and Pasithea (Goddess of relaxation and rest).

Who is the god of lightning?

Zeus is the god of the sky in Greek mythology, and he is the ruler, protector, and father of all gods and humans. Zeus is frequently depicted as an older man with a beard, and he is symbolized by symbols such as the lightning bolt and the eagle.

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What is the rain god called?

Zeus is the Greek god of the skies, and as such, he is responsible for lightning, thunder, clouds, and rain.

What is the name of the storm god?

A weather god, also known as a storm god, is a deity in mythology associated with weather phenomena such as thunder, lightning, rain, wind, storms, tornados, and hurricanes. Jupiter, the king of gods and weather god in ancient Rome. Mariamman, the Hindu goddess of rain.

Is Thanatos evil?

Thanatos, on the other hand, isn’t completely evil; he cares deeply for his daughter Erynis, and when Kratos kills her, he becomes enraged, and tries to kill his brother Deimos to make Kratos suffer.

Is Hela stronger than Thanos?

Surtur, who was resurrected after being killed by Hela, was the only thing that could stop her. Despite the shield being made of vibranium, Thanos’ sword is able to break it apart piece by piece, proving that he is even stronger than Hela.

Who is the most powerful evil god?

Thanos is at the top of the list of the most powerful evil Marvel gods thanks to the Infinity Gauntlet, but even without it and the Infinity Stones, he is still a very powerful member of the New Gods, capable of defeating just about anyone who stands in his way.

What are female gods called?

A goddess is a female god or goddesses.

Who is the natural god of plants?

Flora is the Roman goddess of flowering plants, who was brought to Rome by Titus Tatius (the Sabine king who ruled alongside Romulus, according to legend); her temple stood near the Circus Maximus, and her festival, known as the Floralia, was established in 238 BC.

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Is there a goddess of trees?

Lauma, a woodland fae, goddess/spirit of trees, marsh, and forest in Eastern Baltic mythology; Meliae, the nymphs of the Fraxinus (Ash tree) in Greek mythology; Metsaema, Mother of the Forest in Estonian mythology.

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