My Sweet Lord Hare Krishna?

What was the B side of my sweet Lord?

My Sweet Lord

“My Sweet Lord”
A-side “Isn’t It a Pity” (US) (double A-side)
B-side “What Is Life” (UK)
Released 23 November 1970 (US) 15 January 1971 (UK)
Format 7-inch single

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Did John Lennon sing backup on My Sweet Lord?

‘” Phil Spector produced this and sang backup. With the blessing of Harrison and John Lennon (and over the objections of Paul McCartney), Spector produced the last Beatles album, Let It Be. Harrison released a new version, “My Sweet Lord 2000,” when he reissued All Things Must Pass.

What key is My Sweet Lord?

E major

Who sings backing on My Sweet Lord?

The backing vocals were irreverently credited to the “George O’Hara-Smith Singers”, who were Harrison and Spector, joined by Eric Clapton, keyboard player Bobby Whitlock and two others identified by Harrison as “Cyril” and “Betty”.