Lost City Of Krishna?

How was Dwarka destroyed?

Sultan Mahmud Begada sacked the city and destroyed the temple of Dwarka. Sea –level got higher and Dwaraka was completely submerged by the rising level of the sea. Before Krishna’s death, Dwaraka faced earthquake, sea- attack, but after his death, none was there to protect Dwarka.

How old is Dwarka underwater city?

9,000 years old

Why did Krishna not return to Gokul?

It is inconceivable that a person of Krishna’s nature and character and especially a loving and responsible person like Him would not return to Gokul even to meet his parents Nandrai and Yashoda or his lady love Radha. After Krishna kills Kansa, he wants to immediately leave for Gokul.

Why is Dwarka underwater?

According to Mahabharata, the city had to submerge because of Queen Gandhari’s curse on Lord Krishna (her 99 sons died during the war and she blamed Krishna for not stopping the slaughter).