Lord Krishna Mother Name?


What is the name of Lord Krishna mother?


What is the name of Lord Krishna’s parents?

Lord Krishna was born in the jail where his mother( Devaki ) and father (Vasudeva ) were being kept in the prison by the Kamsa. Soon after his birth, Bala Krishna was moved to “Nandavrajam” where he was brought up by his foster mother “Yashoda” and foster father “Nanda”, who were Yadavas.

Who is the mother of Kansa?

Pawan Rekha

Who is Yashoda’s husband?

Vasudeva, took his new-born son Krishna to Nanda on the night of the child’s birth so that Nanda could raise him. Nanda, who was married to Yasoda, brought up both Krishna and Balarama.

Nanda Baba
Spouse Yashoda
Children Krishna and Balrama (adopted) , Yogamaya (biological)

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