Krishna (telugu Actor)?

Is Krishna first wife alive?

After he graduated from college, he married Indira Devi on November 1, 1962.

Krishna continues to be married to his first wife Indira Devi and would have three more children with her: Manjula Ghattamaneni in 1970, Mahesh Babu in 1975, and Priyadarshini in 1979.

What is the age of Krishna Telugu actor?

76 years (May 31, 1943)

How many movies did Krishna act?

Krishna filmography. The following is a filmography of Superstar Krishna, the Indian Telugu actor. He has acted in over 300 feature films.

Is Naresh son of Krishna?

Naresh Family, Relatives and Other Relations

He was born to K. S. Murthy (Krishna Murthy) & Vijaya Nirmala. He has three sons named Naveen Vijaya Krishna, Ranveer & Thejaswani. Veteran film actor, film director/producer Krishna is his stepfather. Previously, he was married two times.

Who is the No 1 hero in Tollywood?

Mahesh Babu

Who is superstar in Tollywood?

actor Mahesh Babu

What is the age of Krishna?

According to Matsya Purana, Lord Krishna was 89 years old when Mahabharata war was fought. The Mausala Parva of the Mahabharata says that Krishna died 36 years after the war, which adds up to 125 years. There are other religious texts too that describe Lord Krishna’s age.

How did Krishna die?

Lord Krishna died from a poisonous arrow that created gangrene in his leg aimed by a tribal byadh (archer) whose name was ‘jara’. the lord knew his time for departure (I’d not call it a death until now). Then the hunter asked for forgiveness to Kanaiya for his guilt and lord did so along with granting him.

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Who is father of Mahesh Babu?


Is Indira Devi alive?

Deceased (1892–1968)

When did Krishna born?

All they need is a date. And July 21, 3228 bc, according to Bansal, satisfies every condition described during Krishna’s birth. Krishna was born in the Rohini nakshatra, in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada, on the 8th day of the waning moon at midnight.

Who are the parents of Mahesh Babu?



Indira Devi