Krishna Chali London Cast?

Who is the actress in Krishna Chali London?

Megha Chakraborty

Piew Jana

Madhuri Sanjeev

Radhe’s mother

Sushmita Mukherjee

Krishna’s aunt

Why did Radhe died in Krishna Chali London?

According to a report in, Radhey will meet with an accident in London, which will be the cause of his death. The show is currently set in London where Krishna is completing her medical education and Radhey is there to support her. Recently, actor Karan Vohra entered the show as Dr. Veer.

What happened to veer in Krishna Chali London?

Dr. Veer is expelled from his job for racist behaviour. His car hits Radhe who dies in the accident. The Shuklas promptly blame Krishna for his death and mistreat her.

Is Radhe dead in Krishna Chali London?

Radhe is hospitalised after Veer rams his car into him. Krishna is shattered as the doctors declare him dead!

Is Krishna Chali London going off air?

Yes, that’s right! TV show Krishna Chali (aired on Star Plus) London will go off-air from June, the reason being the falling TRPs of the show. According to a report in Tellychakkar, the show will go off-air soon, June 14 to be precise.

What is the real name of Krishna in Krishna Chali London?

Krishna Dubey, Dr. Veer Sahay, Radhe, Mohan Shukla, Gulkand Bua and Dr. K. N. Dubey.

Krishna Chali London Cast Name
Megha Chakraborty Gaurav Sareen
Karan Vohra Bhoomika Mirchandani
Mayank Arora
Sushmita Mukherjee Pawan Mahendru

11 more rows