Jane The Virgin Krishna?

Who plays Krishna on Jane the virgin?

Shelly Bhalla

Do Petra and Krishna get together?

Petra and Krishna are working together to thwart Milos!

Krishna gets a jailed-up Milos to believe she’s turned on Petra and will help him keep the Marbella, but Milos, have you heard? Sisters are doing it for themselves, and Petra and Krishna are working together!

Does Krishna betray Petra?

Let’s see, what else, what else … oh right, Krishna and Petra were in cahoots this whole time! I am so thrilled for them! They pretended to have Krishna betray Petra so that Milos would give her the hotel shares, and then he did, and now Krishna’s going to transfer them back to Petra and get a huge payday!

Who is Petra’s baby daddy?

Rafael Solano