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Comedy Nights Bachao

2015 ‧ Comedy ‧ 2 seasons

How many times has Krishna won Comedy Circus?

Krishna has been a part of Comedy Circus’ 12 seasons of the 16 seasons so far. Of these, he has been the winner six times along with various partners in various seasons. Most of the times, he was eclipsed by Kapil Sharma’s extraordinary acts which incessantly won the judges’ favour.

Is Krishna nephew of Govinda?

The famous comedian Krishna Abhishek of TV is the nephew of Govinda, but the relationship between the two is broken. It is revealed by Govinda’s wife, Sunita. Because Krishna did not behave well with his uncle.” Recently, when Krishna celebrated his twin children’s birthday, Govinda did not show up in that party.

Who is the wife of Krishna Singh?

Krushna Abhishek
Other names Krishna Abhishek, Krushna Abhishek, Krushna, Krishna,
Occupation Actor, stand-up comedian, TV host and reality TV personality
Spouse(s) Kashmira Shah (m. 2012–present)
Children 2

4 more rows

Who is Krishna Abhishek Mama?


Is Comedy Circus coming back?

Comedy Circus is coming back on Sony TV after four years gap. Sony TV decided to came back with Comedy Circus on weekends. Comedy Circus is going to be air from 15th September 2018 at. This time also laughter queen Archana Puran Singh will Judge the show along with Sohail Khan.

What is the age of Krishna?

According to Matsya Purana, Lord Krishna was 89 years old when Mahabharata war was fought. The Mausala Parva of the Mahabharata says that Krishna died 36 years after the war, which adds up to 125 years. There are other religious texts too that describe Lord Krishna’s age.

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