Airplane Movie Hare Krishna?

Who played the Hare Krishnas in airplane?

Two Hare Krishna devotees (David Leisure and John David Wilder) are enjoying some in-flight singing/guitar playing.

Is there a pilot in the plane movie?

The Mythbusters TV show episode Airplane Hour reenacted the climax of the film; to see if an inexperienced pilot could land a plane with only a call from Air Traffic Control. They did however mention that most planes today have an autopilot to land the plane safely.

What happened to the Hare Krishnas?

So, whatever happened to the Hare Krishna movement? Formed by his Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in 1965, the Hare Krishnas of the time were full of brashness and ideals. Now, you see a gentler side, with mostly South Asians attending the temple with their young children.

What year did the movie Airplane come out?

29 August 1980 (United Kingdom)