Witches Cave God Of War?

What do you do in The Witches Cave in God of War?

God of War: Nornir Chest (Witch’s Cave) –

Where is the Witches Cave god of war?

God of War – How to get into the Witch’s house: From Týr’s Temple in the Lake of Nine, leave Brok’s shop and turn right down the stairs. Board your boat and sail into the canyon by the statue of Thor in the south west corner of the lake. As you reach the mooring, leave your boat.

How do I return to the Witches Cave in God of War?

How to Come Back to Witch’s Cave in God of War? Once the game tells you that you can go back to the Witch’s Cave, your first order of business is to return to the Lake of Nine. Once you get there, find a boat. Then, row towards the south (the game will give you a marker to follow).

How do I open the chest in the Witches House in God of War?

To reach the Witch’s House Nornir Rune Chest from anywhere, you can simply go to the Witch’s Cave Mystic Gate, ride the elevator up, and then climb into the garden through the well. Keep in mind, you can’t solve this until you come back from Helheim.

Why did Freya burn Atreus arrows?

Atreus is the God of War Loki. Through Kratos’ actions, he takes an arrow(spear) and breaks it off to fashion a quick fix for Atreus’ quiver. This causes Baldur to hit Atreus and stab his hand with the miseltoe arrow allowing Kratos to finally kill Baldur for good.

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How do I get to the witches cave in the upper level?

God of War 4 how to go to the upper area in witch cave –

Who is the witch in God of War?


How do you break the red vines in God of War?

When he can shoot lightning arrows he will be able to shatter the red crystals for you when you come across them. So keep on trucking through the story and you will get the ability to break the crystals.

How do you unlock the red chests in God of War?

God of War: Red Sap Coffin Chest (Magically Sealed Door