Will God Of War Be On Pc?

Can you get God of War on PC?

God of War is an incredibly popular action game on PS4.

Director Cory Barlog said he “would love” to see it on PC.

You can play it on PC at the moment through PlayStation Now game streaming.

You can buy God of War for $20 on Amazon.

Is God of War Available on Steam?

The original God of War games are widely considered some of the best hack-and-slash games. But do you know who does hack-and-slash really, really well? Platinum Games. Bayonetta is considered the peak of hyper-paced violence in games and the best version of it can be found on Steam.

Is God of War 2 available on PC?

God of War 2 PC Full Version Free Download. In the action-adventure game series, God of war 2 becomes the first choice of every people. It is an outstanding platform which is developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio all over the world. On the 13 March 2007 it is released on Microsoft platform.

Is god of war only for PlayStation?

Bad news for anyone without a PlayStation 4, though; God of War is definitely an exclusive. You won’t be able to even play it on PC, let alone on an Xbox One. And, no, you also won’t be able to play it on PS3. It is a true, pure exclusive to Sony’s latest console, being one of Sony’s long-running franchises.

Is last of us on PC?

Yes. The game is available to play through PlayStation Now , a streaming service by Sony. It’s not available on PC natively, as an actual PC Port, but you can play it through PlayStation Now.

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Is Kratos a real God?

Yes, Kratos (“strength, might”) was a minor Greek deity. Kratos is a Titan, the son of Pallas (god of Warcraft) and Styx (River of the dead). He is the embodiment of strength and power in mythology. His siblings are Nike, goddess of victory, Bia (Violence), and Zelus (Zeal).

Is God of War 4 on Steam?

You can now play God Of War 4 (2018) on PC. The Latest version of PCSX4 supports the new GOW. Rendering this game in high resolutions such as 4k, while beautiful, is quite demanding for your hardware and there is often a massive hit in performance.

Is God of War hard?

God of War is hard. It’s hard because it requires just about every skill you might have to show in a game – combat, cunning, puzzle-solving and more – and even if you have them you’re still going to struggle. God of War is good. It’s good because it is one of the most beauto.

Should I play previous God of War?

‘You definitely don’t need to play the previous God of War games to enjoy this one and that was a very deliberate decision by the team,’ Kaufman said. He continued: ‘If you’ve never played a God of War game, this is a game that was made for today’s action-adventure genre and that we hope continues to push it forward. ‘

Can you play God of War 2 on ps4?

God of War And God of War 2 Will Not Come To PS4. This means only God of War 3 is getting the “Remastered” treatment on PS4. The rest of the games you can only play on older consoles. A lot of gamers were also questioning Sony’s decision to port all these PS3 games over to the PS4.

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