What If God Was One Of Us?

What if God was one of us meaning?

It is about how everything you thought you knew ends up being the exact opposite of what you though it was.

When it comes to the lyrics of “One of Us”, they ask us (the listeners) how we would relate to God if He was just an ordinary person (a slob) just like us.

What if God was one of us singer?

Joan Osborne

What scene is what if God was one of us movie?

The song appears in the 1996 movie Dear God. The song appears twice in the 2001 thriller Vanilla Sky. The song also appears in the 2003 movie Bruce Almighty. “One of Us” was played during the end scenes of CBS television series Cold Case episode 4×01, “Rampage” (2006).

Is Joan Osborne religious?

Raised a Roman Catholic, Osborne distanced herself from that institution after childhood, particularly influenced by telling her parents that she wished to become a priest only to learn that tradition forbade it.