Thomas Rhett Look What God Gave Her?

Who is in Thomas Rhett Video Look what God gave her?

After all, at this point, country music hits are family tradition: Rhett grew up watching his famous father, songwriter and country singer Rhett Akins.

Rhett co-wrote “Look What God Gave Her” with Akins, as well as Julian Bunetta, John Ryan and J Cash.

Is Thomas Rhett’s wife in the video look what God gave her?

Thomas Rhett’s wife and daughters steal the show in his new video for “Look What God Gave Her.” Originally World Premiered on RADIO.COM, the upbeat track with a heartfelt, spiritual message does in fact represent Rhett’s wife, Lauren.

Does Thomas Rhett believe in God?

Thomas Rhett is quickly becoming one of the reigning superstars in country music, a fact that surprises no one more than the singer. The 29-year-old admits he has worked hard for all of his success, but says most of the credit belongs to his faith in God. “It’s just weird,” Rhett reflected (via his record label).

Who is Thomas Rhett’s mom?

Paige Braswell

Is Thomas Rhett’s wife in all his videos?

In 2015, fans were surprised when Rhett’s music video for “Die A Happy Man” was released, featuring none other than his wife, Lauren Akins, as the model. Rhett admitted that it was inevitable that she would be in the video since the song is “for her and about her.”

Who is the girl in Thomas Rhett Marry Me video?


When did look what God gave her come out?


How much is Thomas Rhett worth?

He has an estimated net worth of $5 Million USD. He is married to Lauren Akins.

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Did Thomas Rhett lose a child?

Rhett and Lauren, both 29, have previously opened up about their fertility struggles and decision to adopt Willa Gray from an orphanage in Uganda. The couple had been struggling to get pregnant and at the same time, they were working Christian charity 147 Million Orphans.

Who is Thomas Rhett’s dad?

Rhett Akins