Their Eyes Were Watching God Settings?

Why is the setting of Eatonville important in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

The Everglades provide the necessary setting for the hurricane—a force of nature, destiny, and God—to interrupt Janie and Tea Cake’s utopian life and bring tragedy upon them. The central urban setting, Eatonville, is a center of vice and corruption.

What is Eatonville in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

In Eatonville, African Americans were able to live without fear of white intervention. It is a place where they had their own laws and the power to enforce those laws, and Hurston’s father served three terms as mayor. Her love of Eatonville prompted her to use it as the setting for many of her stories.

What does the muck symbolize in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

3) What is “the muck” where Janie and Tea Cake live? It symbolizes a kind of respite for Janie, not only because she and Tea Cake find happiness there, but because everything surrounding the muck is “big and new,” which provides a welcome change from the gossiping, nosy neighbors Janie had become accustomed to.

What role does God play in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

The Folklore Quality of Religion

As the title indicates, God plays a huge role in the novel, but this God is not really the Judeo-Christian god. The God in the title refers to these divine forces throughout the world, both beautiful and threatening, that Janie encounters.