Their Eyes Were Watching God Setting?

What time period is Their Eyes Were Watching God set in?


Why is the setting of Eatonville important in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

The Everglades provide the necessary setting for the hurricane—a force of nature, destiny, and God—to interrupt Janie and Tea Cake’s utopian life and bring tragedy upon them. The central urban setting, Eatonville, is a center of vice and corruption.

What is Eatonville in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

In Eatonville, African Americans were able to live without fear of white intervention. It is a place where they had their own laws and the power to enforce those laws, and Hurston’s father served three terms as mayor. Her love of Eatonville prompted her to use it as the setting for many of her stories.

Where was Janie born in Their Eyes Were Watching God?


Did Janie kill tea cake?

Janie pulls a rifle off the wall to try to scare him out of his crazy paranoia, but he fires twice more, and Janie is forced to shoot, killing him, before he shoots her. In Janie’s words, “Tea Cake was gone.” Janie said earlier that she would be happy as long as she was with Tea Cake.

What Was Tea Cake’s real name?

Tea Cake’s real name is Vergible Woods. He meets the heroine Janie after she has had two less than fulfilling marriages. Tea Cake is twenty-five years old and is not wealthy, but he has an inner wealth that Janie has not encountered before.

What does Janie’s head wrap symbolize?

Janie’s Head Wrap: Janie’s head wrap symbolizes her oppression as a woman. She feels confined due to Joe forcing her to keep her hair up in fear of another man stealing her from him. The Hurricane: The hurricane symbolizes the conflict between God and humans.

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What does the flood symbolize in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

The Hurricane Symbol Analysis. The hurricane symbolizes the all-powerful force of nature, which trumps even the most intense exertions of power by humans, such as Jody’s abusive need for control, or Mrs. Turner’s sense of racial hierarchy, or Tea Cake’s physical strength.

Why the title Their Eyes Were Watching God?

—the title implies that nothing is earned by Janie in the book: her happiness and sorrow is all God’s doing. Her eyes then look to God, wondering what he’ll bring into her life next.