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Their Eyes Were Watching God

Novel by Zora Neale Hurston

Is Their Eyes Were Watching God a Bildungsroman?

Genre. Their Eyes Were Watching God is primarily an example of bildungsroman in that it follows Janie’s transition from childhood to adulthood, is told mostly in flashback as Janie recounts her life to Pheoby, and depicts Janie’s self-discovery as she embarks on a search for meaningful existence.

What is the style of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

The style of Their Eyes Were Watching God is primarily colloquial, with the bulk of the novel written in dialect meant to approximate how Southern black Americans spoke to each other in the early 1900s. The narrator’s poetic and lofty style interrupts the colloquial dialogue in Their Eyes Were Watching God.

What Does Their Eyes Were Watching God mean?

The title is cryptic, but it could mean that the book is about racial and personal independence—not following what others tell you your future holds but instead following God. Janie seems to do just that. She rejects other people’s ideas of what she should want in life. So, they look to the “Ole Massa” (18.29), or God.

What is the mood of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

There are many literary elements the author Zora Neale Hurston used in her novel “Their Eyes Were Watching God” the main ones are tone, symbolism and point of view. Hurston’s tone is one of profound gratefulness and upbeat festival of the extravagance of African-American culture.

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Is Their Eyes Were Watching God first person?

Their Eyes Were Watching God possesses a unique structure. The story is told in the context of a “frame.” The novel both begins and ends with two people, Janie and Pheoby, sitting on the porch of Janie’s house. As the story proceeds chronologically, however, the story is not a first-person narrative.

How does Their Eyes Were Watching God begin?

Their Eyes Were Watching God begins at the end of the story: we first see Janie after she has already grown old, concluded the adventures that she will relate, and been “tuh de horizon and back.” Her story then spins out of her own mouth as she sits talking to Pheoby.

What is Janie searching for?

Throughout the novel, Janie searches for the love that she has always desired, the kind of love that is represented by the marriage between a bee and a blossom on the pear tree that stood in Nanny’s backyard.

Why did Janie kill tea cake?

Instead, he is reduced to insanity because of a rabies bite from a stray dog caught up in the hurricane. Because of this, Janie is forced to kill the man she loves to put him out of his rabies-induced misery. That in itself is why Tea Cake had to die.

What does Janie’s hair symbolize?

Janie’s hair is a symbol of her power and unconventional identity; it represents her strength and individuality in three ways. Third, her hair, because of its straightness, functions as a symbol of whiteness; Mrs. Turner worships Janie because of her straight hair and other Caucasian characteristics.

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What is the main conflict of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

major conflict · During her quest for spiritual fulfillment, Janie clashes with the values that others impose upon her. climax · The confrontation between Janie and the insane Tea Cake in Chapter 19 marks the moment at which Janie asserts herself in the face of the most difficult obstacle she has had to face.

Why Their Eyes Were Watching God is important?

This passage, which opens Their Eyes Were Watching God, establishes the novel’s unusual perspective on gender difference. Because it is the story of a woman and because it was the first major novel published by a black woman, Their Eyes Were Watching God is often classified as a feminist novel.

What did Janie sacrifice?

Janie again sacrifices the love that she so badly wanted to find when she is put in a situation where she had to shoot Tea Cake. However the sacrifices people make in life show what means the most to them like with Janie she valued the love of others and finding her happiness in the world.