Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapter 6?

What happened in chapter 6 of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapter 6 Summary.

Some of the men like to tease Matt Bonner about his skinny yellow mule.

Though everyone loves the conversation (except Matt), Joe has forbidden Janie from joining in.

When Matt Bonner’s yellow mule gets loose, the men decide to catch it and tease it for fun.

What happened to Matt’s mule?

One day, Matt Bonner’s mule runs away, and some of the townsmen find it outside the store. They irritate the mule for fun, and Janie mutters her disapproval of their cruelty. Unbeknownst to her, Jody is standing nearby and hears her complaint.

Why does Janie feel sympathy for the Mule?

Janie feels bad for the mule; she wants to help it but doesn’t want to get in trouble with Joe for speaking out. Joe hears her muttering words of sorrow under her breath and decides to do a noble thing. He pays five dollars for the ownership of the mule so that he can protect it from any further damage.

Who are the mule talkers?

Janie works six days a week in the store and post office. She enjoys listening to the porch sitters and the “mule talkers,” a group of men who joke about a skinny yellow mule owned by Matt Bonner. Starks warns her not to lower herself by joining in the conversation.

How old are Janie and Jody now?

How old are Janie and Jody now? Janie is almost 40 (35), and Jody is almost 50 (48).

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Why does Jody buy the mule?

Unbeknownst to her, Jody is standing nearby and hears her complaint. He buys the mule for five dollars so that the poor beast can rest for once in his life. Everyone considers Jody’s liberation of the mule very noble, comparing it to Abraham Lincoln’s emancipation of northern slaves.

Why does Joe slap Janie one night what does Janie realize after this episode?

Janie finally realizes that her marriage to Joe is a sham, but she also realizes that she has no way out. When Joe slaps Janie one day after his dinner fails to meet his expectations, Janie’s “image of [Joe] tumbled down and shattered.” Janie knows now more than ever that she must endure her husband and his abuse.

What does the mule symbolize in Tewwg?

The Mule symbolizes Janie’s life with Logan Killicks and then her life with Joe Starks. SHe’s worked like a mule in both their lives. A repeating symbol in the story is Janie finding true love, a bee to her blossom.

Why do the townspeople make fun of Matt’s mule?

Finally, the mule reappears once again when the townspeople of Eatonville make fun of Matt Bonner’s sad looking mule, which Janie pities. When Jody purchases the mule to appease Janie’s sense of pity for it, the town regards Jody as a savior, and adopts the freed mule as a kind of emblem.