Their Eyes Were Watching God Chapter 19?

What happens in chapter 19 of Their Eyes Were Watching God?


After the hurricane, death is all around Palm Beach.

Two white men with rifles force Tea Cake to bury corpses.

Tea Cake and Janie learn that although some of their friends have died, many have survived, including Motor Boat, who miraculously stayed alive during the storm while sleeping in the abandoned house.

How many chapters are in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

These are the perfect words to describe the love life of Janie Crawford, the main character of Zora Neale Hurston’s timeless novel ”Their Eyes Were Watching God. ” In this lesson, you will learn more about the novel’s first five chapters.

What happens in chapter 18 of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Summary and Analysis Chapter 18

In a sudden burst of thunder and lightning, the storm hits — and the world of Janie, Tea Cake, and the migrants is destroyed. As the people cluster together in fear of the elements, their eyes are not watching each other or the storm. In silent prayer, they are watching God.

Did Janie Die in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

Throughout the narrative of Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie is telling the story of her life to her old friend, Pheoby Watson. The story does not indicate that Janie has died.

Did Janie kill tea cake?

Janie pulls a rifle off the wall to try to scare him out of his crazy paranoia, but he fires twice more, and Janie is forced to shoot, killing him, before he shoots her. In Janie’s words, “Tea Cake was gone.” Janie said earlier that she would be happy as long as she was with Tea Cake.

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What happened to tea cake in Chapter 19?

Tea Cake gets angry, and when he goes outside to the outhouse, Janie checks his pistol. She finds that it is loaded with three bullets. When Tea Cake returns, he becomes crazier, accusing Janie of treating him wrongly. Janie sees that he is holding the pistol.

Why is Janie’s insult particularly offensive to Joe?

Why is Janie’s insult particularly offensive to Joe? It made Jody feel amateurish by seeing his power and reputation ruined to the point that everyone in the store laughs at him that makes himself lash out in a blind rage by fiercely hitting Janie and driving her from the store.

Does Janie kill Jody?

There is a rumor that Janie is trying to kill Jody after he becomes ill, so he stops eating her cooking. A doctor says Jodys kidneys have stopped working and he will die soon. They have one last conversation that turns into an argument. Jody dies and Janie fakes being sad.

How does Their Eyes Were Watching God begin?

Their Eyes Were Watching God begins at the end of the story: we first see Janie after she has already grown old, concluded the adventures that she will relate, and been “tuh de horizon and back.” Her story then spins out of her own mouth as she sits talking to Pheoby.

Why is tea cake ashamed and why does Janie hit him?

Why is Tea Cake ashamed and why does Janie hit him? Janie hits Tea Cake because she finds him fooling around with another girl from the muck. Tea Cake is ashamed of his actions. His shame is probably heightened because he often questions Janie of her relationship with other men.

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What kind of animal starts to attack Janie but injures tea cake?

In chapter 18, while fleeing a hurricane, a dog tries to attack Janie. As he is saving her, Tea Cake is bitten by the dog. In chapter 19, Tea Cake has contracted rabies, which causes him to become deranged.

Why does Janie meet tea cake hit her?

Tea Cake begins to identify Janie as his possession. Because he feels threatened after Janie meets Mrs. Turner’s fault that he hit Janie because she sent her brother “tuh bait Janie in and take her away from me.” Beating Janie stems from Tea Cake’s need to control her, his jealousy, and the fear of losing his wife.