The Talon Of God?





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Talon of God

Book by Ray Norman and Wesley Snipes

Is the talon of God the last mission?

The Talon of God is the final story mission in Borderlands 2 given by Mordecai. The mission is performed, starting at Sanctuary and continuing in Eridium Blight, Hero’s Pass and Vault of the Warrior locations.

How do you kill Handsome Jack?

Borderlands 2 – How to Kill Handsome Jack and The Warrior EASY

Who is the final boss in Borderlands 2?

The Warrior is the final boss in the Borderlands 2 campaign. As such, it is one of the most powerful creatures in the game. You will encounter this creature only in the Vault of the Warrior.

What is the easiest way to kill the warrior in Borderlands 2?

How To Beat The Warrior EASY in Solo! Borderlands 2 Tips & Tricks

Does the Warrior drop legendary weapons?

But it is possible to get Legendaries from the Warrior. The Leech grenade,Impaler shield,Volcano sniper,Flakker shotgun and the Conference Call shotgun are all his designated Legendary drops. He can rarely drop other Legendaries that are normally not in his loot pool while you are farming for Eridum.

Does the Warrior Respawn?

The Warrior should have despawned and left your loot right where you found it. WARNING : DO NOT USE FAST TRAVEL. IF YOU DO, THE WARRIOR WILL RESPAWN AND EAT ALL OF YOUR AWESOME LOOT.

Who kills Handsome Jack?

Afterward, Rhys finds Jack in the wreckage of the station, who uploads himself back into Rhys’ cybernetics and tries to kill him one last time. Rhys removes all of his cybernetics to stop him and either destroys Jack by crushing the piece of his robotic eye containing him or leaves him trapped inside it.

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How old is Handsomejack?

Current Wiki @

Age (Appearance) 30’s
Still Aging? Yes
Height 5’11”
Weight 160 pounds
Hair Color Brown, Some Grey

2 more rows

How do you beat the warrior?

How To Beat The Warrior EASY in Solo! Borderlands 2 Tips & Tricks