The God Of Speed Savitar?

Who is the god of speed?


Is Barry Allen the god of speed?

Barry Allen also known as Savitar is The 1st Metahuman Speedster known in The Multiverse to have ever connect to The Speed Force known to many other Speedsters as The God of Speed or The God of Motion.

Is Godspeed faster than savitar?

In the comics, Godspeed was said to be the fastest speedster that has ever lived. Godspeed was faster than Savitar, Zoom, Flash or Black Flash or any other speedster. They just said that Godspeed was the fastest SPEEDSTER. But black racer was not just a normal speedster.

How did savitar escape the Speed Force?

First, Savitar possesses Julian Albert through the Philosopher’s Stone in 2012. Through Alchemy, he ‘reawakens’ Flashpoint metas, culminating in turning Wally West into a speedster, and eventually, using him to escape the Speed Force.