The God Must Be Crazy?

What is the meaning of God must be crazy?

People who have seen the film understand instantly the metaphoric meaning of the phrase The Gods Must be Crazy – it means that there is something widely and horribly wrong but all hope is not lost.

How long is the gods must be crazy?

1h 49m

Was nasty C in the God Must Be Crazy?

– An online user who identified himself as Paul Webs has claimed that South African rapper, Nasty C featured in the 1988 movie ”The Gods Must Be Crazy”. Online users has refuted his claims saying that it could not be Nasty C because the movie Gods must be crazy is a 1980 movie, and Nasty C was born in 1997.

Is The Gods Must Be Crazy on Netflix?

Sorry, The Gods Must Be Crazy is not available on American Netflix.