The God Emperor Of Mankind?

Who is the God Emperor of mankind?

The Emperor of Mankind in the most simple of terms is a God in the the body of a Mortal.

He is the Carrion Lord of the Imperium for whom a thousand souls a sacrificed each day so he may never truly die.

The Emperor of mankind has his origins in Anatolia in 8,000 BC.

How tall is the God Emperor of mankind?

The God Emperor of Mankind
Age 48000 years old
Birthday Unknown
Sex Male
Height 10 feet

5 more rows

How did the God Emperor die?

Though the Emperor ultimately defeated Horus during the Traitor Legions’ assault on Terra, He was all but slain in the battle after suffering a crippling loss of limbs and mortal systemic damage; only the life-supporting Golden Throne has sustained His living corpse in a kind of stasis, neither dead nor truly alive.

Will the God Emperor return?

If there was but a short time between him being able to leave the Golden Throne and exchange his psyker prowess with that of another until he could return and take up a vigil against the forces of Chaos again, the Imperium would win the war. Almost certainly, anyway. Alas, no one is alive who can heal his body.