The Cattle Of The Sun God?

What happened in the cattle of the sun god?

The sun god Helios angrily asked Zeus and the other gods to punish Odysseus’s crew for killing his cattle, and Zeus complied. As soon as they were out at sea Zeus sent down a storm that destroyed the ship and killed everyone aboard except Odysseus, who hung on to some pieces of wood.

What is the theme of the cattle of the sun god?

Revenge-The readers learn the theme of revenge through Helios, who wanted revenge against Odysseus’ men for eating his cattle, so he asked Zeus to kill the crew who wronged him.

What is special about Helios cattle?

Lampetie tells Helios that Odysseus’ men have slain his cattle. In turn, Helios orders the gods to take vengeance on Odysseus’ men. He threatens that if they do not pay him full atonement for the cattle, he will take the sun to the Underworld and shine it among the dead.

What is the setting of the cattle of the sun god?

Odysseus Character Traits

This section took place on Helios’s island. The island held all of Helios’s sacred cattle.