Super Saiyan 4 Vs Super Saiyan God?

Is Super Saiyan 4 stronger than Super Saiyan God?

Once Goku reaches Super Saiyan God (SSG), he is as strong as Beerus when Beerus is at 60%.

This means that SSG is approximately 12 times stronger than SSJ3 (using my baseline guess of how much of his strength Beerus used).

Assuming all of the numbers I used are correct, SSG is about 1.5 times stronger than SSJ4.

Is Super Saiyan 4 more powerful than Super Saiyan blue?

Super Saiyan 4 is thought to be the original SSJ transformation, as it brings out all the power of a Saiyan warrior, & is 10x more powerful than SSJ3. Another thing to take note of is that the user must have a full tail on their body. Goku had to regrow his in order to become a SSJ4 in DBGT.

What is the most powerful form of Super Saiyan?

1 Mastered Ultra Instinct

This is the newest and most powerful form a Saiyan has ever been shown to achieve, and is a fitting way to close out the Dragon Ball Super series. The Tournament of Power is almost over and Goku has just recently been able to master his Ultra Instinct power up.

Is ss4 stronger than blue?

SSJ4 was a massive surge in goku’s power level but nonetheless other mortals could still sense his ki level but that is not true when he transforms to SSGSS. Super Saiyan God, let alone Super Saiyan Blue (super saiyan God Super Saiyan), is far stronger than Super Saiyan 4.

What is Goku’s most powerful transformation?

1 Ultra Instinct transformation

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Goku’s most recent ability is also his most potent. After surviving the explosion of his Spirit Bomb, Goku is somehow able to achieve this powerful transformation. During this transformation, Goku gains a silver/blue aura around him, along with large silver pupils.

Why hasn’t Vegeta goes ssj3?

Vegeta never went ssj3 because it wasn’t necessary story wise. In the Buu saga, Vegeta didn’t get ssj3 because it was necessary for his arc that Goku was far more powerful than he was. In BoG, going ssj3 wouldn’t mean much, as Goku was beaten is two hits in that form. Because that would make Goku less special.

Is Super Saiyan 5 real?

Super Saiyan 5 Goku is not real. Some of the pictures are Pokemon 2000, a picture of Goku and Vegeta as Super Saiyan 4 and one that stood out. Super Saiyan 5 Goku from the infamous Dragon Ball AF or Dragon Ball After Future or if I remember some even called it After Trunks.

What does the J in SSJ mean?

The J in SSJ stands for JIn. It means people/race, so Sayi-Jin means people of the Sayi race.

What is Vegeta’s highest power level?

Dragon Ball Z

Character Power level Source
Vegeta 18,000 Vol. 21, #249
Goku 10,000 Movie 6 Pamphlet
Piccolo 8,000 Movie 6 Pamphlet
Gohan 6,000 Movie 6 Pamphlet

102 more rows