Summary Of Their Eyes Were Watching God?

What is the movie Their Eyes Were Watching God about?

A young free-spirited African-American woman searches for love and happiness in 1920s America by plunging into three marriages with very different men, challenging the morals of her small-town community in Florida. Based on Zora Neale Hurston’s novel.

Why Their Eyes Were Watching God is important?

This passage, which opens Their Eyes Were Watching God, establishes the novel’s unusual perspective on gender difference. Because it is the story of a woman and because it was the first major novel published by a black woman, Their Eyes Were Watching God is often classified as a feminist novel.

Why Was Their Eyes Were Watching God banned?

Banned. 1997 – Virginia – Challenged for sexual explicitness, but retained on the Stonewall Jackson High School’s academically advanced reading list in Brentsville. A parent objected to the novel’s language and sexual explicitness.

How many chapters are in Their Eyes Were Watching God?

These are the perfect words to describe the love life of Janie Crawford, the main character of Zora Neale Hurston’s timeless novel ”Their Eyes Were Watching God. ” In this lesson, you will learn more about the novel’s first five chapters.