Soul Eater God Of War?

How do you beat Soul Eater in God of War?

Beating the Soul Eater:

When you’re ready, jump down and attack. The Soul Eater is resistant to normal damage with your axe, so you have to wait until it opens its chest to fire and throw your axe at the exposed innards. Use the stone pillar in the centre of the room for cover and be patient.

How do you kill an ancient god of war?

God Of War how to beat the Stone Ancient boss – Walkthrough #13

Where do I find the alchemist in God of War?

In this quest, you must find Brok’s missing friend, Andvari the Alchemist. To get the quest started, head to the Volunder Mines which are just left of the Cliffs of The Raven.

Where is the N in Volunder mines?

The Volunder Mines is an optional area accessible from the Shores of Nine. Its entrance is to the south east of the center of the lake, with an entrance through the Volunder Chasm. This is where to find the Favor Second Hand Soul.

1 Favor 1 Mystic Gateway 1 Shop
1 Odin’s Raven 3 Lore Markers 1 Legendary Chest