Smoldering Ember God Of War?

How do I get more smoldering ember and crest of flame?

There are 6 Trials in the Realm of fire that reward you with both the smouldering ember and the crest of fire. You have to complete these trials one after the other starting. Once you fought your way through all 6 trials you should have enough smouldering ember and crest of flame to craft a complete epic armor set.

How do you get the crest of flame in God of War?

The Crest of Flame is found in Muspelheim. And just like the Smoldering Embers, it plays a great contribution in strengthening and upgrading Kratos. In the words of Kratos: “On our journey, we will be attacked by all manner of creature.

How do I get more resources in Muspelheim?

God of War: How To Get The Muspelheim Armour –

Is Muspelheim optional?

Ruled by the fire giant Sutr, Muspelheim is one of two optional realms where Kratos can test his might and earn some of the game’s most powerful equipment. After you’ve gathered all four cipher pieces, you can travel to Muspelheim via the realm travel room.