Practice The Presence Of God?





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The Practice of the Presence of God

Book by Brother Lawrence

When was the practice of the presence of God written?

June 1, 1982

What the presence of God feels like?

POWER, LIGHT, LOVE, JOY, PEACE, EXHILARATION, REVERENCE. AWE, Holiness, and perfection. When we appear before Him someday, I think we will feel His seeing right through us as He fully knows everything about us.

How can I practice the word of God?

5 Ways to put God’s word into practice

  • Use God as your only reference. Only the Lord Jesus Christ should be the example we must follow, since absolute perfection and endless love belong only to Him.
  • May your actions be heard louder than your words.
  • Live life traversing the path of the Lord.
  • Love, above all things.

How do you practice presence?

6 Practical Ways to Practice Being Present

  1. A Small Regular Practice. Form the simple habit of meditating for just two minutes a day (to start with).
  2. Work with Others. Having a regular group or partner to meditate with is helpful.
  3. Have Mindfulness Bells.
  4. Set an Intention Before an Activity.
  5. Reflect Daily.
  6. See Everything as a Teacher.

Who wrote The Practice of the Presence of God?

Brother Lawrence

When was Brother Lawrence born?


How do you live in the presence of God?

How to Cultivate God’s Presence in Your Life

  • The Presence of God brings true joy and satisfaction.
  • The Presence of God delivers you from fear.
  • The Presence of God brings success.
  • Become more aware of God’s presence by creating space.
  • Become more aware of God’s presence by obeying His Word.
  • Become more aware of God’s presence by getting outside.
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How do I invite the presence of God in my room?

Spray your room with relaxing incense. Start playing your music, Turn your Bible to the verse God has told you to turn to. During worship ask God to come and stay with you. Invite Him, welcome Him, and thank Him for the time that you two can spend together.

Can God physically touch you?

Yes. We have more senses that science teaches us that we have. When god touches a person people usually feel it in there soul. He can put his hand on your hand and you will feel that as well.