Pig God One Punch Man?

What is pig God’s power?

Inhuman Digestive System: Pig God has the ability to digest swallowed monsters almost instantly.

He also seems to have complete control over his digestive system, since, despite the strength of his gastric acid, he was able to store Atomic Samurai’s three disciples safely in his belly and spit them out unharmed.

How strong is Pig God?

Pig God (豚神, Buta Gami), ranked 10, is an extremely obese hero typically seen eating, dressed with a dark sweater and light pants. He is shown to have superhuman durability due to his many layers of fat, as well as either a strong resistance or complete immunity to various poisons.

What is Amai mask power?

Amai Mask has super strength, speed, and moderate regeneration. He fought two high Dragon level monsters alone for several minutes, and they only survived because they had regeneration as well. He is horrified by Ugmons, the ugliest of monsters, and is unable to fight when in their presence.

Are there any God level threats in one punch man?

No. some say Boros is a God level threat but he been classified as Dragon or above dragon. Above dragon basically means stronger than dragon but not god. To qualify as God level you basically have to be able to destroy planets with a normal attack unlike Boros whou could only do it once.