One Nation Under God Added?

When did one nation under God get added?

The phrase “under God” was incorporated into the Pledge of Allegiance on June 14, 1954, by a Joint Resolution of Congress amending § 4 of the Flag Code enacted in 1942.

Why was under God added to the pledge?

In 1923, the words, “the Flag of the United States of America” were added. In 1954, in response to the Communist threat of the times, President Eisenhower encouraged Congress to add the words “under God,” creating the 31-word pledge we say today. Bellamy’s daughter objected to this alteration.

Does the Constitution say one nation under God?

There is no mention of “God” or any other religious reference in the U.S. Constitution except for one sentence in Article 6 that prohibits “religious tests” for public office. An assortment of Supreme Court cases and opinions regarding religion in public life followed in the mid-to-late 1900s.

Is there a pause between one nation under God?

In a recent letter to the state’s 1,500 school principals, department officials pointed out that there is no comma between “one nation” and “under God.” Thus, when reciting the pledge, students should not pause between the two phrases, the letter stated.10 Apr 1985