On Being A God In Central Florida?

Is FAM based on Amway?

Everything about this series revolves around FAM, or Founders American Merchandise, a direct sales company that sells household goods, supplies, and microwavable meals.

Though these types of companies were incredibly popular during the ’90s, FAM is fiction.

But it does have a real-life counterpart — Amway.

What is FAM on becoming a god in Central Florida?

In Showtime’s new series On Becoming A God In Central Florida, the monster is a pyramid scheme called FAM. FAM officially sells merchandise — toilet paper, cleaning products, cosmetics. But really, it sells signups.

Is on becoming a god in central Florida on Netflix?

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How do you become a god in Central Florida Season 2?

‘On Becoming a God in Central Florida’ Renewed for Season 2 at Showtime. The Kirsten Dunst dark comedy, which was originally developed at , will be back for more episodes. Showtime is ordering more On Becoming a God in Central Florida.