Norse God Of The Sea?

Sea/Norse gods

Who is the Norse god of the sea?


What is Njord the god of?

Njord was the god of the sea and winds in Norse mythology. He is the father of Freyr and Freya and the leader of the Vanir. Instead, they were the feet of Njord. Skadi was used to living in the icy mountains, and Njord was used to living by the sea.

Who are the Norse goddesses?

Let’s meet some of the amazing Norse goddesses that the Vikings revered.

  • Freya. Freya (‘lady’) was the Norse goddess of love, fertility, sorcery, gold, war and death.
  • Frigg. Frigg (‘beloved one’) was the consort of Odin and the goddess of love, marriage and motherhood.
  • Gefion.
  • Idun.
  • Sif.
  • Sigyn.
  • Eir.
  • Fulla, Gna & Hlin.