Lookout Tower God Of War?

Where is the lookout tower god of war?

Lookout Tower.

The Lookout Tower is along the southern edge of the Lake of Nine.

There area total of three collectibles at the Lookout Tower that must be found for 100% completion in the area.

There is also a Treasure Map and a Niflheim Ciper piece that may be found.

How do I get to the Asgard Tower?

Throughout the Lake of Nine, most towers are accessible from beaches or via lifts that will bring you to the top. Asgard Tower is an exception. You cannot reach Asgard Tower even from the lift that sits at the base of the structure. In fact, the only way to access the tower is from the Isle of Death later in the game.

How are the Council of Valkyries collectible?

God of War – Council of Valkyries All Collectible Locations (

  • 1 – Raven 1/1. []
  • 2 – Purple Language Cipher Chest 1/1. []
  • 3 – Realm Tear Encounter 1/1. []
  • 4 – Lore Marker 1/1. []
  • 5 – Dragon / Favor 1/1. []
  • 6 – Shop 1/1. []
  • 7 – Mystic Gateway 1/1. []
  • 8 – Valkyrie Queen 1/1. []

How do I get to the Isle of Death chest?

Walk under the ship wreckage and slide down the rope to reach the first Legendary Chest. Inside is a Rare Axe Pommel called Ymir’s Breath. To the right is another chest with hacksilver and 3 World Serpant Fragments.