Lamb Of God New Album?

Lamb Of God/Latest album

Is Lamb of God making a new album?

Departure of Chris Adler and self-titled album (2019–present) On February 5, 2020, the band announced their new self-titled album, Lamb of God, would be released on May 8 and they released the first single from it titled “Checkmate”.

Did Lamb of God break up?

In July, Lamb of God announced they were parting ways with drummer Chris Adler. The news was surprising but also not too shocking as he had been absent from their tours for a while following a motorbike accident in 2017. Now, Adler has broken his silence on his split with the band in a statement on his Facebook.

Where is Lamb of God from?

Richmond, Virginia, United States

Did Lamb of God get a new drummer?

The band announced today that Art Cruz, who had been filling in for Adler on tour, is now the band’s new permanent stickman. We’d like to officially welcome Art Cruz, who has been playing drums with us on tour for the last year, as the new drummer of Lamb of God.

Why did Chris Adler leave Lamb of God?

On July 1, 2016 Adler left Megadeth due to continued pressure to join full-time and leave Lamb of God. In late 2017, Adler was involved in a motorcycle accident. He revealed the details of the accident a year later in September 2018, when questions were raised about his absence from the Lamb of God tour.

Is Lamb of God still together?

They also received a nomination in 2016 for their song “512”. Lamb of God has toured with the Ozzfest twice.

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Lamb of God (band)

Lamb of God
Years active 1994–present
Labels Legion Prosthetic Black Market Activities Epic Roadrunner Nuclear Blast
Members John Campbell Randy Blythe Mark Morton Willie Adler Art Cruz

8 more rows

Who left Lamb of God?

Chris Adler had exited Lamb Of God, though the band’s statement was short and Adler has not yet commented on the matter, until today. Adler has been absent from Lamb Of God’s live shows since 2018 due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. Adler resurfaced with supergroup Hail!

How much is Lamb of God worth?

Randy Blythe

Net Worth: $2 Million
Date of Birth: Feb 21, 1971 (49 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession: Singer, Musician, Actor, Songwriter

1 more row

What does it mean that Jesus is the Lamb of God?

Christian doctrine holds that a divine Jesus chose to suffer crucifixion at Calvary as a sign of his full obedience to the will of his divine Father, as an “agent and servant of God” in carrying away the sins of the world.

Does Lamb of God believe in God?

They also received a nomination in 2016 for their song “512”. Lamb of God has toured with the Ozzfest twice.

Lamb of God (band)

Lamb of God
Origin Richmond, Virginia, U.S.
Genres Groove metal thrash metal metalcore death metal
Years active 1994–present

9 more rows

When did Lamb of God form?


What genre is Lamb of God?

Groove metal


Thrash metal

Death metal