King And Country God Only Knows?

Who is the girl in the God Only Knows video?

actress Masey McLain

Where was for king and country God only knows filmed?


Who are the singers for king and country?

Joel Smallbone

Luke Smallbone


Who sang the original God only knows?

the Beach Boys

When did God only knows come out?


What nationality is for King and Country?


Is Dolly Parton touring with for king and country?

Dolly Parton Joins For King & Country On “God Only Knows” In a USA Today/Tennessean exclusive, for KING & COUNTRY’s Joel Smallbone explained how the collaboration came to be. After watching Dolly’s Netflix movie, “Dumplin,” Joel fell in love with the film’s plot and soundtrack, leading him to reach out to Dolly.

Where was pioneers filmed for king and country?


How old is king country?

For King & Country, stylized as for KING & COUNTRY and formerly known as Joel & Luke as well as Austoville, is a Christian pop duo composed of Australian brothers Joel (born 5 June 1984) and Luke Smallbone (born 22 October 1986).