Is Shadow Moon A God?

Which God is shadow in American Gods?

Originally Answered: Which god is Shadow Moon from American Gods? In the fandom, Shadow is addressed as Baldur, second son of Odin, known as “a god of light and purity”. The coin Shadow took from Mad Sweeney gives him protection from the death and points out his powers as the sun god[1].

Does Shadow Moon have powers?

No one has spoken of Shadow’s name as a metaphor for the obscurity of what once was powerful, but is now a mere shadow of it’s former power. The old Gods Shadow has aligned himself with were once potent, and now they are a depleted of strength.

Is Shadow Moon a Baldur?

Shadow Moon (Baldur) Character Analysis. As the reincarnation of the Norse god Baldur and a manifestation of the mysterious King of America, Shadow acts as a bridge in the novel – between the Old Gods and the New Gods, between gods and men, and even between life and death.

What is Shadow Moon’s role in American Gods?

Shadow Moon is an ex-convict who is caught up in the war between the Old Gods and the New Gods when Mr. Wednesday hires him as a bodyguard. As they journey across America, Shadow finds himself questioning a world where gods exist and magic is real.