Is God Of War On Xbox?

Is God of War 4 on Xbox?

If you want to play God of War, you’ll need to own a PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 4 pro. No Xbox will receive the game, so you’ll have to purchase Sony’s console in order to play the latest God of War.

How much is God of War Xbox one?

Games. God of War on PS4 at Amazon for $49.99 (usually $59.99). The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Xbox One at the Microsoft Store for $20 (usually $49.99). Cuphead on Xbox One at the Microsoft Store for $16.99 (usually $19.99).

Is god of war only for PlayStation?

Bad news for anyone without a PlayStation 4, though; God of War is definitely an exclusive. You won’t be able to even play it on PC, let alone on an Xbox One. And, no, you also won’t be able to play it on PS3. It is a true, pure exclusive to Sony’s latest console, being one of Sony’s long-running franchises.

Is Uncharted on Xbox?

Uncharted is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment and Naughty Dog. As such, the PlayStation console is the only console family they want it on until they decide otherwise. Uncharted, as will any other PS exclusive, will never be playable on an Xbox console unless and until the PlayStation hardware line dies.